Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Winter Wonderland

So this morning when we woke up it was totolly white outside. Well, actually, it's been really cold ever since Saturday and started snowing Saturday night and has been off and on ever since. But this morning we had the most and it continued to snow all day. After breakfast, we got all bundled up and headed out to go play in the snow. Joee really wanted to make a snowman. She said ,"and we can sing 'once there was a snow man, tall, tall, tall.' That's his favorite song." Grandma, Daddy and Joee attempted to make one but the snow was just too powdery. He was little guy. We're hoping the snow will be easier to pack tomorrow morning and we can make another one. Even though it was extremely cold outside we still had a lot of fun. Joee got to go on the sled a whole bunch and loved it. She kept saying, "Faster! Faster!"

More fun

Uncle Chad and Aunt Megan brought Jericho and Jaxton over to play in the snow with us. So we got all of our layers back on to head back out for more sledding and even had a big snowball fight. The last picture is of Josh trying to help Joee out after he just pegged her in the face. Rude! Come on Josh, she's 2! Jericho is sneaking up on him though to get him back. Pretty sure she put snow down his pants. Good job Jericho!

Gingerbread House

After the snow we got all warm, had lunch and then Grandma helped the kids make a gingerbread house. What a mess, but so much fun! I wonder if they ate as much candy as they put on the house?!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Option 3

Tonight I was blow drying Joee's hair after she got her bath. I told her that next we need to brush her teeth and go potty. Of course she caught on to the routine and said "I don't want to go to bed though." I just simply replied, "well, it's time for bed. So who do you want to brush your teeth..Mommy or Daddy?" She said with a smirk, "Baby Brother." What a stinker!

Monday, December 15, 2008

I've gone to the Dark Side


And After

Christmas Party

On Saturday night we went to our ward Christmas party. Joee was excited to get to see Santa but wouldn't sit on his lap. He just makes her a little nervous. Josh also got to participate in singing in a quartet during the program. We finally got a few pictures of us together.