Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Rushy is so close to crawling! He gets up on his hands and knees all the time. He's got the leg thing figured out, he just can't quite figure out to move his hands. He's really good at going backwards though! I think he'll be there really soon.

Day at the Zoo

Besides it being absolutely freezing(literally) and the couple days of snow we've had, it's been really sunny. So last week we decided to bundle up and head to the zoo. There we met Aunts, Cousins and Grandma's. Joee loved seeing all the sea life there is at the Pt Defiance zoo. We saw sharks and baluga whales, touched starfish and fed the goats. We finished the day playing on the playground and of course, we can't leave the zoo without riding the Merry Go Round. It was Rushy's first time and he loved it! That kid did not stop smiling the whole ride...and the next one.