Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Excuses Excuses...

I'm full of them. I'll just try to do a quick recap...

In April we moved in to a house that we absolutely love. We then a few weeks later found out that I am pregnant! Rushy and his baby SISTER will be 17 months apart! I'm up for any advice from people that have kids that close together. I'm due Jan 5th. Again, something I'm trying to get advice on...I kinda want to have the baby like Dec. 29th for selfish reasons (taxes, josh having time off, and well, it being early) but am I crazy for wanting her bday so close to Christmas?

Ok, moving on... Josh got a new job. He is the Referral Manager for a nursing home out in Bremerton. He is so happy and confident in where it will take us in the future. Joee started Ballet and had her first little recital. Josh and I could not have been more proud. We were big dorks getting all teary eyed watching her perform. Our little Rushy has turned 1 and is walking all over the place. He took his first few steps on his birthday and it took him a good month to get really comfortable but he's there!
We have had a fun summer enjoying the sunshine at the Barrett's Lake (thanks Court!), having friends come to visit, going to Arizona, seeing our friend's in Cannon Beach (we surprised Joee and took her to see her best friend, Maya, while they were having their little family vacation. She was so excited when she saw her, priceless!) and spending a lot of time with family. Today was so cold and rainy...could the summer really be over?
I realized that if I posted all the pictures that were blog worthy from the last 6 months then it would be quite the photo album, so instead I just put a couple up and will try to do my best to keep up to date.