Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A few randoms

I love this little guy! He has the cutest little personality and is such a sweatheart.

Joee loves to go out on Sunday mornings and get the paper. On this morning it was taking her a little longer than normal so I went out to check on her. This is what I found. Poor thing was so cute and determined to get it all picked back in one armful before coming back inside.

Josh and my-large-7 month-pregnant-self at my Dad's 60th Bday dinner. Happy Birthday Dad!

They play so good together. Joee definately does her fair share of picking on him, but when she's not doing that, she takes really good care of her litttle brother. She loves to get drinks for the 2 of them now that she can get water out of the fridge all by herself.

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