Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm back!

So I realize that it has been almost 2 months since I have blogged. I'm gonna say that I have had some pretty good excuses though. The obvious, a newborn and 2 year old, and then also, we made the big move back up to Washington. We've been here for 3 and a half weeks now. Josh got a job up here and even though it doesn't start until Nov. we decided it would still be best to just move now and try to get settled. It's weird. I still can't decide if I'm at home here or if it hasn't hit me that I don't live there anymore. The weather here has been really nice which has totally helped but I really miss Arizona. I think I just still feel like I'm here on vacation and I'll be going back soon. (yah right, I wish) Josh is caddying right now at the new golf course, Chambers Bay. And I actually started working there too 3 days a week in the turnstand, the little snack and beverage place on the course. I really am enjoying it. It's nice to do something different and make a little money. Anyway, I will try to be better at posting now. Check out all of my posts though, I did a lot tonight!

To Maya

It's been really hard for Joee to be away from her best friend, Maya. She always asks if she can go to Maya's house tomorrow, or to call her on the phone. She imagines that she's with her quite a bit and I always catch her "talking" to Maya. The other night she was talking to her in her sleep. Maya posted a video to Joee on their blog (which made me cry) and so this one is for her. Rushton gives a big smile at the end of the video so be sure to watch for it. We love you guys and can't wait to see you again!

The Purdy Spit

Monday night we, along with my parents and brother and his family, went to the purdy spit. Nick and Josh jumped off the bridge while Joee and Bethelle played in the water. It's a little more of a rocky beach than sandy, but the girls (and boys i guess) still had a lot of fun. I can't believe they were actually in the water. It was freezing! But they didn't care. Nick is jumping in pencil style and Josh looks like he's about to do a swan dive. I think its a little higher than it looks in the pictures. Nick has done this jump a million times and it was Josh's first time. Good job Josh!

Rushton's Blessing Day

Rushton was blessed this last Sunday, Sept. 14th. What a great day it was, and so nice to be with all of our family. We sure missed sharing that day with our friends too though in Arizona. We were definately thinking about you. Hope you can make it up here soon!

Joee's First Haircut

Joee finally got her first haircut last week. For some reason, she freaked out when we tried to get her to sit in the chair, so I ended up holding her the whole time. She was quite proud afterwards and had to show and tell everyone about her haircut. I tried to take a picture of her when we were all done but she wasn't into that so I took one of her from behind which I guess was fine anyway since that was the part that was actually cut. She just got like an inch off of the back and then also some bangs. It's pretty cute.

The Great Northwest

I will have to admit that Washington is beautiful. The week after we moved back here, Josh's parents took us out on their new sailboat. We had so much fun, even though it was quite cold. Joee thought it was so cool to be on Grandma and Grandpa's boat. The last picture with me and Joee has the gorgeous Mt Rainier in the background.

Rushton's first swim

We pretty much spent every day of our last week in Arizona hanging out at Tiersa's pool. This was Rushton's first time swimming and he totally loved it!

Ant Bites

A few days before we moved, Joee was out in the backyard just wandering around like she loves to do. She was walking in the gravel in her bare feet when we noticed her (we were inside the house watching her from the window) hitting at her feet and legs. Josh realized what was happening and ran out to get her with Casey (my brother) quickly behind him. They threw her in the little plastic pool we had in our yard and hosed her down. She was hysterical. I could not believe how many ants had gotten on her. She even had bites on her neck. I think this is something she won't ever forget. She loves to tell people about her ant bites and tries to show everyone her feet, even though they're pretty much gone. It was so sad to see her so hurt. It was one of those moments that just makes you want to cry with them and your heart just hurts.

First Smile

I know this picture was taken quite a while ago, but it was his first smile that I caught on camera. He was only 3 weeks old. I was taking pictures of Joee holding him and just happened to catch him smiling in his sleep.